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White Mountains

White Mountains

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White Mountains is a captivating and adventurous scent that captures the essence of the idyllic White Mountains of New Hampshire. The fragrance opens with the invigorating and herbaceous scent of blue sage, which adds a refreshing and natural note to the fragrance. The fresh and aromatic scent of eucalyptus adds a cool and calming aroma to the fragrance, while the warm and woody scent of cedar-wood creates a natural and earthy scent. The smoky and mysterious scent of smoke embers adds a unique and intriguing note to the fragrance, which evokes the feeling of a cozy campfire in the mountains. The sweet and spicy scent of cinnamon adds a warm and comforting note to the fragrance, while the rich and creamy scent of tonka beans adds a luxurious and indulgent touch. The combination of blue sage, fresh eucalyptus, cedar-wood, smoke embers, cinnamon, and tonka beans creates a harmonious and balanced fragrance that is reminiscent of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. White Mountains is a fragrance that will transport you to a peaceful and adventurous place, and will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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