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Raynham Candle Company

Peppermint Mocha

Peppermint Mocha

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Peppermint Mocha is a delightful sensory experience that combines the classic favorites of winter. It begins with the invigorating top note of peppermint, a crisp and cool touch that instantly awakens the senses, like a brisk winter's morning. This is beautifully balanced by the rich, intense heart note of coffee, reminiscent of a freshly brewed pot that warms from the inside out. Swirling through this aromatic journey is the creamy, sweet scent of vanilla, infusing a layer of comfort and nostalgia, like a favorite cozy blanket. The fragrance is completed with a smooth note of cream, adding a velvety richness that rounds out the scent beautifully. Together, these notes create a scent that is as comforting and satisfying as sipping on a hot peppermint mocha on a chilly winter day.

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