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Raynham Candle Company

North Pole

North Pole

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The North Pole scent is a captivating blend that takes you on a journey to the very top of the world. It begins with a refreshing burst of crisp peppermint, reminiscent of the cool, invigorating Arctic air. This is seamlessly intertwined with the comforting aroma of smooth, creamy vanilla, evoking images of snow-covered landscapes under the soft glow of the Northern Lights. Hidden beneath this lies a rich undercurrent of irresistible chocolate, providing a comforting warmth like a cozy log cabin nestled amid the snowy expanse. The scent journey concludes with a subtle zesty hint of lemon, adding a surprising yet pleasant twist, like the unexpected chirp of Arctic wildlife in the serene quiet. Together, these notes create an enchanting fragrance that encapsulates the magic, mystery, and breathtaking beauty of the North Pole.

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